I'm a speech-language pathologist whose primary focus & passion is helping adults and young adults with autism prepare for the social demands of the workplace through both individual and group therapy sessions. This is a blog of my experiences working with adults with autism and using different therapy resources.

Monday, November 17, 2014

"But...you asked..."

As a speech-language pathologist working with adults on the spectrum to help them prepare for the workplace, I focus heavily on teaching my clients to develop a "social filter."

As humans, we are constantly bombarded by lessons of "don't lie." Easy peasy, right? Not so much!

Neurotypicals take for granted that we naturally learn the many nuances of honesty. As we mature, we learn unspoken rules that help us gauge when lying is socially appropriate.

A friend excitedly walks over to show you her new shoes. The first thing that pops into your mind is, "those are better suited for Lady Gaga," but before the words slip off your tongue, within a split-second, you have already activated your "social filter."  "Nice new shoes" you manage to say. Or, if they are really outrageous, maybe you muster, "interesting new kicks."